509 Babies Born In South Africa On New Year’s Day

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509 Babies Born In South Africa On New Year’s Day

Every day, globally, babies are added to the world population. Of particular interest, though, are babies born on New Year’s day. They re like introductions into the year.

So, not surprisingly, not only individuals but some governments look forward to the babies born that day and even celebrate their coming the way they see fit.

In South Africa, there were palpable expectations as 2023 disappeared forever and 2023 popped in its wake. According to medical records, about 509 babies were born across South Africa on New Year’s day

Getting into some detail about the numbers, the health department noted that 259 boys and 250 girls were delivered in the first twelve hours of the new year. Of the mothers who gave birth during that time frame, the youngest was 15 years old and gave birth at Port Shepstone Hospital.

Going into more detail, the health department noted it would collaborate with stakeholders to intensify its awareness campaign on sexual and reproductive health in its bid to improve access to family planning services.

B the way, the figure given for the number of birth on New Year’s day wasn’t conclusive and officials have promised an updated list.

For the new entrants into the material plane, a new adventure begins.

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